1) Cloud9 workspace must have the remote ftp mounted. This should show as the top folder set in left sidebar.

In this case, the remote ftp path in the cloud9 workspace is:


2) Run these commands to zip the contents of the Cloud9 workspace (terminal 1):

cd ~/workspace; rm workspace.zip; zip -r workspace.zip ./*

3) In separate terminal (terminal 2), connect to DreamHost FTP:

ssh username@yourdomain.com

4) Copy the zipped folder to the mounted FTP folder (terminal 1):

cp workspace.zip /home/ubuntu/mounts/staging1/staging.stacksavingsclient.com

5) Unzip the uploaded zip of the site files (terminal 2)

cd staging.stacksavingsclient.com; unzip workspace.zip

NOTE: Do replace all by "A"

6) Within the wp-config file that is on the mounted ftp folder in the c9 workspace, delete the contents and replace with what is in here:

Posted on Dec 04, 2017