Email Extraction:

Install the chrome plugin called “Email Extractor”:

Then, you can use this to extra email addresses from a web page, using the “Export” button, which will extract them to a file that you can then download.

Email Sending in Bulk:

Install the Streak for Gmail plugin:

Then login to the Gmail account you are using for sending the emails A dialog for setting up Streak should come up once you are in Gmail, then you can give it permission to complete the setup, click to Allow it to continue When, “Make a new pipeline” comes up, click on “Sales / CRM” Then a screen called, “Create a Team for your Pipeline” will come up. You can choose, “Just me for now” (in the lower right corner) for now.. Then click, “Create Pipeline”

Once the setup process is complete:

Look for “Pipelines” in the left menu (Under your Inbox, Shared, Sent Mail, etc) Then click on “Sales / CRM” Then, it brings up a screen with different colors (red, orange, light gree, green, etc in different boxes / rectangles) Click the button along a top menu calle “More” Then, click “Import Boxes from CSV” Then, import the CSV that you prepared from above

Sending emails in bulk: Select the boxes from the list that you want to send to (use the select all button if selecting them all) Then click the button for send Prepare the email (if you are addressing to each person’s name individually, you can do an extra step to have it use their name, if you have this) Then send and it will go through and send each (this can take a few minutes)

Posted on Dec 04, 2017