The two preferred payment methods that we offer are WorldRemit and Bitcoin. These payment methods offer the lowest fees, so they are the most convenient. It is our goal to make payments as each as possible to contractors who work with us. We are able to possibly consider using alternate payment methods. Additional Information is included below about our payment methods.


There are a wide variety of different ways that Bitcoin can be received and used. One method that our contractors have used is which provides a way to receive Bitcoin payments and to then convert the Bitcoin to your local currency.


WorldRemit offers a way to receive payments for cash pickup. We have used this option successfully with contractors in different countries. WorldRemit offers low fees and fast payments so it has shown to be an ideal option so far. Please take a look at their website for more information:


Do you offer WesternUnion?

We have found that WesternUnion charges high fees and also makes it more difficult to send payments than WorldRemit. We prefer not to use WesternUnion for this reason.

How often do you send payments?

It is our goal to accommodate contractors who work with us as much as possible, some prefer to receive payments on a weekly basis while others find it more convenient to receive payments less often. When you first start working with us, we are happy to pay on a weekly basis, so you can be confidennt. If you are comfortable, we can then move to send payments every two weeks, or once a month, depending on your preference.

Posted on Dec 01, 2017