Social Media Networking Tips

Assumption: The list of people of people that you would want to connect with is already known, basically there would be little value in searching for people beyond this list that is provided.

LinkedIn connections, at a minimum follow all of the people from your list, that can be found, on LinkedIn and, if possible, connect with them directly there.

Identify those that are active “on the web”, most likely this would take the form of a Facebook page for either their campaign or a page that represents their current elected position. This could also include their own website, Twitter account, etc.

Follow their page on Facebook and monitor for updates, occasionally engage with their posts, which should draw their attention as often their posts may not receive much attention. Ideally this light engagement should then pave the way for a more direct approach (sending the a direct message, email or phone call)

Some example pages (not necessarily from the data subset you provided)

Join relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and monitor them for updates, occasionally engage with posts there and post your own content. For example, you could make a post on your own Facebook page and then share it to relevant groups. You can also share posts from pages that you are following, for example, if following a city councilman’s page in Santa Cruz you could occasionally share their post to the Santa Cruz politics group.

Posted on Dec 04, 2017