Translator Position Additional Information

The initial tasks that you would be working on, as a translator, would be for translating articles from English to Spanish. An example article is below.

Please note that the articles may be technical in nature, so you may not understand what they are about fully. This is ok and is expected, as some articles are going to be meant for programmers to read.

The approach to translating these articles is that you would do an initial translation of the article, leaving markers in place for terms and phrases that you do not understand. For example, if there is some text that you need clarification on, then you would wrap that text within < >, such as, from the article below, if you did not understand what, "encapsulated state" means, then you would leave that as < encapsulated state >. Then, our staff will review and update a page with information on any terms, as far as their translations. You will be able to refer to this page always, in the future, to check for terms. the goal is to have very precise translations around technical terms, as this will better help our intended audience understand the articles.

An example snippet of an article that would be translated is below:
(start of example)

Functional Programming

It was the first programming paradigm to be created and the last one to be adopted. In the beginning the computers did not have significant processing power, so they could not afford the fact that function calls are more expensive than simple loops. This is one of the reasons it took so long for functional programming to gain popularity.

The functional programming concept is to think how we can express the code in terms of functions, input and outputs. Instead of objects and step-by-step instructions. It also focus on being declarative and explicit, rather than imperative and encapsulated state.

Its approach is to have immutable data, so it helps you not changing things that you didn't mean to. For example: if you want to replace an object in an array, you map through it and returns a new array. You don't replace the object in the same array, as you may do in imperative programming. This way debugging your code is going to be easier. But, there is a downside, as things get bigger you may have efficiency problems.

Functions Are First-Class Citizens

Javascript treats functions as values, so you can assign functions, pass them as parameters and return them in functions.

let characterName = (name) => console.log(name);

characterName('Batman'); //Batman

(end of example)

If this seems like something that you are able to do and interested to continue, pleaes review the information in the next section.

Initial Steps

As part of the initial step to work with us, we would assign you an initial article to translate. If this is done successfully, we would be able to continue and provide more articles to translate. This initial task is paid for, if it is completed successfully. In addition, if you are able to do this work well, we have other tasks that you may be able to help us with in the future, to do things other than just translating articles. Initial work with us is always considered to be on a part-time basis, but, with good performance, we may have opportunities in the future to work with us on a more full-time basis.

Payment methods

The two payment methods that we prefer to use are:

WorldRemit - You can visit their website for more information. The most reliable option, in our experience, is for us to send the payment via cash pickup.

Bitcoin - If you have not used Bitcoin before, we can provide information on this. It is an option we are always happy to use to send payments.

Tracking of work hours

We will provide you with a web form page that you can use to submit work hours each time that you work, you will simply input this form with the information about your most recent work and then it will be filed for us to send your next payment. We are able to send payments as often as every week, however, there are fees associated with this, so we have to take this into account if sending very frequently. It is our goal to make you comfortable with our payment system, however, so we can discuss this further if there are any concerns.

Next steps to start with us

We are a relatively new company so are looking for translators who can work with us at an affordable rate. With good performance, and as our company grows, we are always interested to provide anyone working for us with higher pay and additional job responsiblities.

For this job, we are receiving a fairly high number of applicants so, initially, we will prefer to work with people who can offer more affordable rates for their work. If we end up not being able to work with you at this point, however, we can keep your information on file to let you know of future opportunities that come up, as we are expecting to continue growing as a company.

Please clarify the rate, using the form below, that you are willing to offer to start work with us. The rate should be based on one hour of work.

  • Enter your email address, please make sure to use the same email adress that you originally applied with.
  • Select your country from the drop-down list.
  • Enter the hourly rate in your country's currency, for example: 30 (30 would indicate 30 Mexican pesos per hour) Please do not include any text in the rate field and make sure that you are quoting a rate in the currency for your country

Posted on Nov 14, 2017