Business Accounts on Youtube

Click creator studio Click create account Click use a business or other name

Once account has been set up you can add other members of the business. To do this:

Go to account settings and select add or remove managers Then select manage permissions Click the icon in the upper right corner to add members Then type email of members you want to add Select whether you want them to be an owner, manager or communications manager Then select invite

Converting swf (flash) files to mp4 for upload to youtube:

Install the Chrome plugin called, “Flash Video Downloader”: Go the video page and get the exact url Use the Flash Video Downloader to download the video, after you start playing it. Go to this (or similar site, from “convert flv to mp4” google search): Convert the file and then upload that to YouTube

Recording Audio from a page where it can’t easily be downloaded: Install Chrome record RTC extension: Go to the page url with the audio and start the RecordRTC so that it starts recording, choose the current tab that you are on Quickly start the audio so that it plays and is recorded by RecordRTC As soon as the audio finishes playing, press “Stop”, then it will save it as a video file in .webm format Use this (or webm to mp3 converter) to convert to an mp3 audio format:

Posted on Dec 04, 2017