Assistant needed for part-time work in Tijuana

We are looking for an assistant in Tijuana, who has decent English speaking ability, to work with us to help grow our team in Latin America. The job does not involve any sales and is not paid on commission. Initially, the work would be part-time but could eventually become full-time.

About Us

We are a web application development company based in California. Our business involves hiring programmers and graphic designers who live in Spanish speaking countries. Most of these people live throughout Latin America, some may live in Mexico but others live in places like Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.

Daily tasks may include:

  • Translation of written text between Spanish and English
  • Contacting new candidates online using Facebook, LinkedIn, email, or other methods
  • Possibly talking on the phone (or using WhatsApp, etc) to candidates
  • Helping to communicate and manage current employees who are doing graphic design or programming work to make sure that they are on track with their tasks.
  • Some marketing activities, involving social media, to help us find potential new clients.

    Learn more about online business

    If you have an interest in the Internet or computers, this is a great way to gain career experience and grow your career. You will be working directly with the owner of the business, who has worked as a software developer for a number of years and has knowledge in a number of areas related to online business. At the same time, this specific business is still new, so you will get to experience the culture of working with a startup and not have to deal with any of the pain of working with a larger company.

    What we are looking for

  • The most important thing is to hire someone who is excited about this opportunity and is able to make time each day for the work. If you have another job, that is fine, as long as you can find time to do our work part-time.
  • We do not discriminate, age, sex or other characteristics are not important as we simply want the best person for this job.
  • Ability to understand English relatively well is important. Our owner is learning Spanish, but it is not to the level yet that he is fully proficient
  • Access to a computer is important. You may be able to perform some daily tasks from a mobile phone, however, you will need regular access to a computer as well for some tasks.

    What would the next steps be?

    Our company's owner will be coming to the Tijuana area soon, so, if you are interested, we may be able to setup a meeting to discuss further. Additionally, you can ask any questions through email or Facebook.
    If interested, please apply using the form below:

Posted on Nov 10, 2017